Thursday, November 13, 2014

Child protection for children most at risk

What can you do to protect a child who is vulnerable and powerless to change the situation they are in?

Many children fall prey to human traffickers looking for a child to exploit. Some children are born without a birth certificate and that makes them an easy target for human trafficking. Children are often approached with promising jobs in another city or country, only to be sold to a brothel, or forced into heavy labor, or even made into a child soldier and many other unthinkable situations. For a few cows or appliances a young girl can be sold into early marriage to a man 3 times her age.

So now that we know all this what can we do?

World Vision works with local hospitals, schools, community leaders, faith communities and law enforcement agencies to ensure child protection is a priority. In the country of Bangladesh alone World Vision is providing 20 safe places for children to go after school where they are nurtured and off the streets where they can be protected from the sex industry going on around them. There is no way out of their environment without these programs.

Here are some ways you can help this Christmas...

Consider sponsoring a child at risk of exploitation

Donate to programs that are already at work to support these kids

Pray for staff and law makers for the work that they are doing

Share some stories to make sure their stories are always brought to light and never left in the darkness again.