Thursday, March 31, 2016

A breath of fresh air

Recently I visited a resort, an area known for its beautiful lakes and trendy shops. I love seeing new gardens with lovely landscaped flowers and plants and local arts and crafts. My daughter made me a large leather tote that I carry around while traveling. I like to carry some picture folders with me of some kids living in poverty for my volunteer work, in hopes of finding a sponsor for them (it's always good to be prepared).

One of the shops had many lovely hand crafted things. Most items were one of a kind and artistically done. I can't help looking at all of them and study how something was made instead of just admiring the workmanship. I guess that is just in my makeup. :)

One of the ladies in a shop was trying on a pair of beautifully decorative shoes. "I will take these" she said, and the lady working there said "sometimes you just have to treat yourself". The cost of the shoes was $600.00.

Don't get me wrong I think everyone SHOULD enjoy their prosperity and not feel bad for doing so. She is probably building a hospital somewhere, but I could not help but do the math; if someone just asked for a discount of $39 on that pair of shoes would they sponsor a child? This is what happens to you when you carry a bunch of kids around in your purse! In the past, I would have just thought she was just another wealthy lady and thought nothing of it. I used to embroider baby items in silk for ladies and most of them didn't even have babies. So when did this happen? When did I start evaluating things like this? When a lovely lady is just buying a pair of expensive shoes.

It makes me think of poverty in general. I have noticed that the people that have struggled the most are the most generous. This is especially true for the really poor. I knew a lady in a third world country named Rosita and the first thing she did after she met me was she gave me some of her most prized possessions. A little ceramic elephant, a small pitcher - like a creamer - and her best table cloth off her table. I was mortified of course and did not want to take them but my husband told me that you must or you would make her feel bad. There where holes in the walls of this tiny house, buckets to store water and a little camp stove to cook on. I felt horrible!  Lucky we were able to find a way to send things to them later to help improve their living conditions.

Her selfless, sweet generosity was a breath of fresh air and left a mark on me. Of course, I'm still learning this everyday!


I think this why World Vision's work is so important.  We can't assume everyone has the same priorities and that someone else will do it, when often times we maybe the very one that God wants to use to change someone's life. 

Think about that next purchase (boat, car, clothes, investment property, shoes), I challenge you to negotiate the price and use the savings to sponsor a child! Try this and see, for only $39 a month you can change a life!


A breath of fresh air is a great thing to take and an even better thing to be.