Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A time to rest

"To think you can love God without being changed by Him, is to think you can jump into the ocean and not get wet. To really love Him, you must understand that your life is going to be wrecked by Him, and built again into something beautiful, something lasting." 
~T.B. LaBerge

My heart is at rest today after a busy and hectic week with loads of company, cooking, birthdays, helping a relative get to two medical appointments with a wheelchair and one event.  I literally have total quiet right now and have time to make a quick post before finishing an art piece I was working on.  Contemplating everything that happened this week, my heart is the most heavy with the fact that it's 2017 and torch-carrying white supremacists are leading the news.  

With torches!

Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates a brother or sister is still in the darkness...the darkness has blinded them. 1 John 2:9,11.

Am I the only one who sees what wrong with this picture?  There is no way we should allow racism "especially like we had in the 1950s" in this country again!  There will always be hateful people but we should always speak
 up and renounce it,  and make sure it is not accepted it as the norm. 

Whoever does not love
does not know God,
because God is love.
John 4:8
                                                                                                  World Vision Magazine  1985

A simple sketch https://www.instagram.com/p/BXbJ-qPj8YQ/?taken-by=bannerandsail

Art has always been a way to express myself in those rare quiet times.  We only have a two bedroom place which means this room serves as a guess room/art studio, so some of my artwork needs to be grandchild friendly.
 I am loving this distressed fifteen dollar folding table that I got at a neighborhood sale in our area. 

It is the only thing that I have so far for art alone.

We get a steady steam of visitors here, so I need to pack up projects every single time. 

New painting "Cottage" (art studio)? Wouldn't that be nice!:) 
Rest... as I write this I received a call on the phone booking more appointments. 
Have a lovely day!

Wild sunflowers

A friend may be waiting 
behind a stranger's face.
~Maya Angelou


A friend loves at all times, 
and a brother
is born for a time
of adversity.
Prov 17:17🌺

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