Friday, April 24, 2020

Trust His Heart

"We see the present clearly
But He sees the first and the last
And like a tapestry He's weaving you and me,
To someday be just like Him
God is too wise to be mistaken
God is too good to be unkind
So when you don't understand
When don't see His plan
When you can't trace His hand
Trust His Heart".
~Babbie Mason
All Things are possible with God.

With all the recent layoffs we took a little time to spruce up my little kitchen.  There is no window in my kitchen, so I painted a mural painting to go over my kitchen sink to brighten it. I love toucans and feature them in some of my art pieces occasionally. 
🌺. This is going in my own kitchen and it tells a story. 
Basically it’s the three types of advocacy
1 - self-advocacy, 
2-individual advocacy and 
3 systems advocacy. 
In this painting the workers that can not be seen clearly in the background are the “behind the scenes people”, working the harvest fields and socializing (my husband liked that, because he can’t socialize with his friends at the moment). 
A few footnotes...

The first woman is sitting at the well learning, filling up, getting educated and listening. 
(Notice the dove for the Holy Spirit). 
Second woman is gathering and trimming the harvest. 
The third woman is carrying the weight of the harvest and advocating to the world. 
The Tree is a symbol of stability and strength.
The Toucan is communication. (a little too showy in his presentation). 
The Bird of paradise symbolizes freedom and joy.
The Pink flowers represent grace, gentility, and happiness.
The Plumeria symbolizes positivity.


World Vision's water projects

It was so heavy to carry water like this, It was hard on all of us!  The children do this multiple times a day and we hardly could do it once!  

Sign up for the virtual 6 K for water...#wecanhelp  
This little girl helped carry the water for us, no joke! 
She has to do it all the time. One of my team members sponsored her. 

One of my new sponsor kids, she didn't know it yet!
Overjoyed! I would love you to join me and sponsor a child too!

You can advocate for a child in need by sponsoring them.
Photo credit/ Jonathan Gomez

When I think of all the people helping these kids during this of Covid 19, I think that this what advocacy is all about.  
Speak up for the poor, vulnerable and oppressed,

It's that simple. 

And be kind to yourself a little!

Much Love 🤍

In the midst of troubles, God is already at work. Your words are heard, trust. He has not forgotten you. “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble”.
Psalm 46:1

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