Thursday, June 2, 2022

Little Art and Gift Shop by the Sea


God's work is not man working for God; 

it is God's own work, though often 

wrought through man's hands.

 Hudson Taylor

I haven't posted for a while, a lot has happened.  We have been in a state of limbo for over a year now.  We are still looking for a home and a place to land.

I am still doing my volunteer work with World Vision and opened up shop on Etsy until hopefully I find a place to sell in person, I usually do events to sell my art and gifts but I have been thinking about doing my own thing somewhere. (Lord Willing) Most likely, I will stay online as well as offering an event in person.

You can find my art and gifts here...

(I am a small business)

Etsy shop Bannerandsail Inspirational Art and Gifts

Prints ArtPal Current Artwork Prints

World Vision Art For Charity Donations 

 Click on Link for current Fundraiser or to sponsor a child

   Art and faith inspired gifts

A portion of all art and gift sales 

goes to help fight hunger with the charity World Vision. 

I'm in a season of waiting upon God, trying to be productive in this time and unsure what the future holds.  Working with my hands has helped in that wait!  I hope you can find your little treasure here in my Inspirational art and gift shop by the sea!:)


Stephanie Bannerandsail

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